NewsThe Office spinoff featuring Stanley delayed, refunds issued for Leslie David Baker's...

The Office spinoff featuring Stanley delayed, refunds issued for Leslie David Baker’s project

– “The Office” spinoff series “Uncle Stan” has been delayed until 2022.
– Kickstarter campaign backers can request a refund until September 1st.
– The show creator Leslie David Baker has cited “external factors and industry negotiations.”

The highly anticipated spinoff series of “The Office,” titled “Uncle Stan,” starring Leslie David Baker, has been pushed back to 2022, delaying its original release. The actor, who played Stanley Hudson on “The Office,” will reprise his role in the new series. Fans who backed the Kickstarter campaign for the show’s production can request a refund until September 1st.

Baker took to his Kickstarter campaign page to update fans on the delay. He thanked everyone who supported the project and explained that the delay is attributed to “external factors and industry negotiations.” He emphasized that the show’s creators are committed to ensuring the high quality of the new series by taking the necessary time needed in its development.

In “Uncle Stan,” the character Stanley Hudson will come out of retirement to help his widower nephew, Lucky, run his motorcycle repair shop. The series will explore the duo’s struggles to navigate their lives and challenges while running a business together.

Baker launched the Kickstarter campaign for “Uncle Stan” in July 2020, and it has since raised more than $300,000 from over 3,000 backers. These supporters were promised various perks, including a streaming link to the finished project, digital script access, behind-the-scenes access, and more. Given the delay in the series’ release, these backers can now request a refund if they choose to do so.

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