NewsThe Middle Reunion: Patricia Heaton, Eden Sher Capture Moment, Spark Reboot Speculation

The Middle Reunion: Patricia Heaton, Eden Sher Capture Moment, Spark Reboot Speculation

– Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher of “The Middle” reunite for a new project
– There’s a mix of excitement and nostalgia for the popular ABC sitcom’s fans
– Heaton shares feelings on making “The Middle” reboot in the future

Fans of the popular ABC sitcom “The Middle” were treated to a trip down memory lane when Patricia Heaton, who played the character Frankie Heck, shared a photo of herself and her on-screen daughter Eden Sher, who portrayed Sue Heck, on social media. The duo reunited on set as they worked together on a new project, but this also sparked excitement for a potential reboot of “The Middle.”

The Instagram post was captioned, “Look who I found today!!” and showed both actors beaming with joy as they leaned in for a selfie. It wasn’t long before fans, including former “The Middle” cast member Brock Ciarlelli, who played Brad Bottig, commented on the sweet photo. Ciarlelli cheekily said, “Okay. Need season 10. Thanks.”

Image: Instagram (via Deadline)

Many fans would undoubtedly be thrilled if a reboot of “The Middle” were to materialize, and it seems Heaton wouldn’t mind that possibility either. In an interview promoting her CBS series “Carol’s Second Act,” she expressed her interest in coming back for a reboot in the future. The actress stated, “Never say never. I would definitely be open to it. It was probably the most joyful nine years.”

“The Middle” aired for nine seasons from 2009 to 2018 and chronicled the daily life of a middle-class family in the fictional town of Orson, Indiana. During its run, it tackled comedic and heartfelt moments with universal themes that continue to resonate with fans even after the series finale.

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