News"The Jennifer Hudson Show" Return Premiere Date Delayed Due to Writers Strike

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” Return Premiere Date Delayed Due to Writers Strike

– The Jennifer Hudson Show returns with a new season on November 8
– Season 2 was delayed due to the Writers Guild of America’s strike
– Audience to be present in a “new purpose-built studio”

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” is set to make a comeback with season 2 premiering on November 8, 2021. The initial premiere was delayed as a result of the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America, impacting the production timeline.

Despite the delay, the production team was able to create a new purpose-built studio to accommodate the audience in a COVID-safe environment. Working with local government on safety protocols, executive producer Steve Byrne stated that the show would “embrace the very best of New York City.”

Hudson expressed her excitement for the second season and stated, “I’ve been able to use this time to further streamline the show and focus on who our audience is and what they want to see from us. I’m even more excited for Season 2 now than I would have been had we started on time.”

The new season promises fresh content, with celebrity interviews, musical performances, and stories from everyday heroes who have inspired the nation during these difficult times. With Hudson’s signature charm and warmth, the show aims to entertain and uplift viewers while maintaining safety and health precautions.

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