NewsThe Crown Season 6 to depict Princess Diana's tragic death in a...

The Crown Season 6 to depict Princess Diana’s tragic death in a car crash on Netflix

The Crown will cover Princess Diana’s death in Season 6
Creator Peter Morgan said the show must include the accident scene
Morgan believes it would be dishonest not to show the tragic event

Fans of The Crown, the hit Netflix series, can expect to see the events leading up to and following the tragic death of Princess Diana in the upcoming sixth season. Show creator Peter Morgan confirmed that the drama would depict Diana’s death in a car crash that occurred in Paris in 1997.

In an interview, Morgan opened up about the decision, stating, “Obviously we cannot ignore the accident. What happened in Paris is part of the story, and to pretend otherwise would be dishonest.” He stressed that the show must include the accident scene as an essential part of the narrative, given its impact on the royal family and the global community.

Morgan shared that writing the episodes dealing with the events surrounding Diana’s death has been a challenging experience. He said, “I am properly challenged by the events and the story, in part because, if I’m being honest, I really want to make a good show for people to enjoy.”

The show’s creator also noted that The Crown has been making its way through the events of the 1990s, leading up to the time of Diana’s death. He explained that the drama has been tackling numerous controversies and scandals from that decade, such as the extramarital affairs of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

The highly anticipated sixth season of The Crown is set to premiere in 2023. The show has a reputation for its attention to detail and accurate portrayal of historical events, so fans can expect an emotional and well-crafted take on the iconic royal figure’s tragic demise.

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