NewsThe Best TV Shows To Watch In 2023

The Best TV Shows To Watch In 2023

The Best TV Shows To Watch In 2023
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You can count on one thing in 2023: there will be some great TV to watch in the next twelve months. But, with so many excellent shows set to drop, it can be challenging to decipher the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, we’ve picked out some must-watches to get you started.


What’s becoming more common is seeing iconic video games that have left a lasting imprint on gamers being converted into TV shows. And Fallout is next to get the treatment. The show’s premise, which will drop in 2023, is based on the last of humanity doing everything it takes to survive the post-nuclear war. This won’t be the last time a video game makes it as a TV show, and could we even see these games being the inspiration for popular online slots games, which some may argue have performed extremely well in the online casino sector? Many of them have storylines and characters, which makes them ideal.

The Last Of Us

From one video game adaptation to another. The Last of Us has started airing on HBO, and it’s already receiving plaudits. The premise is similar in some ways to Fallout, but in The Last of Us, the story centres on a post-apocalyptic world that’s overrun with zombies. The reason The Last of Us is renowned for being one of the greatest video games of all time is its storyline, so it bodes well for its success as a TV show, making it a must-watch for those who have and haven’t played the game.

Squid Game (Season Two)

Squid Game was one of the most popular TV shows to hit screens in 2021, and 2023 is the year when season two will finally air. The reason for Squid Game is so popular is its completely unique approach, and that’s why there’s a thirst for a fresh instalment of the show where games are very much life and death situations. At present, details are scarce, but it’s thought that Gi-hun will make a return, and this time he is out for revenge, which should add to the intrigue.

The Crown (Season Six)

The Crown happens to be one of Netflix’s most popular and, therefore, most watched shows. And unsurprisingly, it seems as though as time goes on and controversy comes to the fore, The Crown’s fanbase expands further. It’s been another twelve months since the Royal Family have been in the news, so the anticipation for season six of The Crown couldn’t be greater. In this instalment, it will kick off with the tragic passing of Princess Diana before advancing through Tony Blair’s years as Prime Minister.

Succession (Season Four)

Succession’s third season ended in the way all great TV shows do, leaving viewers with loads of questions ahead of a new season. And, with season four set to hit screens in the spring, fans of the show will finally get answers to questions such as, “is Tom Wambsgans the chosen one?” With writing wrapped up last May, it’s only a matter of time until the new series drops. So there’s plenty of time to watch what has gone before and get reacquainted ahead of season four.

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