The Best TV Shows To Watch After Work

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Entertainment has turned out to be a mood-enhancing activity to engage in after work. It feels great when you come home tired, sit before the smart TV or smartphone, and start watching your favorite TV show. Some shows are marvelous, dragging you out of your stressed mental condition. 

Binge-watching sometimes becomes an adverse hobby as it kills your time and drains energy out of your mind. Therefore, you should always avoid uncontrolled watching. However, you can rely on the entertainment industry to trick your mind into increasing your productivity after a hectic day at work. 

With a bunch of TV shows, it becomes a challenging task to choose the best one for your extra time. We have tailored a list of the best TV shows to watch after work that will help your mental health, make your time productive, and offer a real-life lesson. 

Top 4 TV Shows in 2024:

The entertainment and film industry has invested its time and effort into producing top-notch TV shows that glue audiences to the TV or other devices. At present, the accessibility of content on smartphones with many online platforms has changed the game, offering choices to watchers. 

Depending on a variety of genres, our list of the best TV shows to watch after will be a relief. Whether you are new to watching TV series or have consumed myriads of content, these TV shows will keep you coming back at them. 

However, you should manage your time with expertise since binge-watching will affect your overall productivity, decreasing your work efficiency. After all, entertainment serves the purpose of easing your mind, not putting it into a vicious cycle of procrastination and stress. 

1. Robot:

In our list of the best TV shows, Mr. Robot is at the top due to its state-of-the-art content and excellent direction. With an 8.5 rating on IMDb, this TV series will take you to the virtual world of an unstable cybersecurity expert. Released in 2015, it has four seasons with tailored content for tech-savvy individuals and fiction lovers. 

Elliot is the main character who is mentally unstable yet highly intelligent with computers and software. His day job at a cybersecurity firm is evidence of his masterful hacking tactics. However, his double personality comes in the way of living a normal life. Thus, he becomes a vigilante to take down a massive financial organization in the world. 

With his shadow team, Elliot goes on a mission to decipher a dominant global organization responsible for illicit financial and environmental activities. His motivation is revenge for his father’s death at the hands of a conglomerate. You can enjoy excellent drama and quality lessons from this TV show. 

2. The Ascent of Money:

If you fancy watching real-world content and documentaries, The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson will provide you with entertainment combined with insightful learning about financial history and evolution. With a particular focus on the 2008 financial crisis and market collapse, this documentary offers a broad view of the possibilities associated with money. 

Furthermore, The Ascent of Money is one of the best TV shows to watch after work since it will clarify your mind about the changes in the financial world. Since cryptocurrency is becoming a mainstream digital asset and payment method, watching this show will help you understand the market effectively. 

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3. The Fall of the House of Usher:

One of the best TV shows, The Fall of the House of Usher, is a must to watch. It is a drama with a flair for horror. Rated 8/10 on IMDb, this TV show will offer an adrenaline rush at every turn of the episode. 

It features a mysterious story where children die in an eccentric manner. With every casualty, a sinister and frightening revelation appears, making the CEO of a pharmaceutical company liable for these deaths. The Fall of the House of Usher is full of suspense and drama, offering you the best time after work. 

4. The Office:

A situation comedy (sitcom) is comfort food for the eyes when it comes to office workers. After a daunting day at work, it is relaxing to watch a comedy show that relates to your daily life. The Office is that type of entertainment that features office drama with typical workers having ego clashes and tedium. 

This sitcom has a remarkable 9/10 rating on IMDb due to its marvelous cast and production. With diverse characters, including talkative, mannered, lazy, etc., this TV show features unique content, making it one of the best TV shows to destress your mind. 


Watching TV is a hobby for many individuals, and office workers find it more convenient as they have gone through a tiring workday. However, choosing your next TV show can be a daunting task with so many options available on streaming platforms. 

Our list of the best TV shows to watch after work comprises diverse content, allowing you to pick up the one that matches your mood. Thus, you can start watching it on the go. 

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