The Best TV Shows For Car Lovers

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Ever notice how our deepest passions quietly spill into every nook and cranny of our lives? Even without uttering a word, our cravings and loves lay bare for those with keen eyes. Think about it—the way we devour our favorite snacks, the threads that make up our daily armor, and the tunes that make our toes tap, all conspiring to unveil our inner passions.

Now, if you’re a bonafide car enthusiast, your TV lineup will be as revved up as your favorite engine, and that alone will showcase how much love you have for cars. From the heart-pounding roar of powerful engines to the sweet hum of finely-tuned classics, there’s a plethora of TV shows out there that cater to the automotive soul. 

Do you want us to feed you with these exciting and soul-nourishing TV shows? If yes, buckle up and get ready for a ride through the best TV shows for car lovers!

Top Gear: Where Passion Meets Entertainment

Kicking off our list is the iconic and ever-popular “Top Gear.” This British gem isn’t just a car show; it’s a rollercoaster of automotive enthusiasm blended with humor and thrilling challenges. 

Hosted by a trio of charismatic petrolheads (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James), “Top Gear” takes you on a global journey exploring the coolest rides, conducting outrageous challenges, and delivering car reviews like no other.

From wild stunts to epic road trips, each episode is a joyride that will leave you wanting more. The chemistry between the hosts is infectious, making this show an absolute must-watch for anyone with motor oil running through their veins. 

Grand Tour: The Epic Continuation

If you’ve shed a tear when the original “Top Gear” trio bid farewell, dry those eyes because they’re back with a bang in “Grand Tour.” Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May reunite to bring you their trademark wit, humor, and, of course, jaw-dropping cars.

“Grand Tour” is like the older, more sophisticated sibling of “Top Gear,” taking the automotive shenanigans to a global scale. Expect incredible cinematography, insane challenges, and, as always, some of the most jaw-dropping cars ever to grace the screen.

Fast N’ Loud: Where Restoration Meets Rebellion

If your heart beats faster at the sight of a classic American muscle car, “Fast N’ Loud” is your go-to fix.

Follow the crew at Gas Monkey Garage, led by the charismatic Richard Rawlings and the master mechanic Aaron Kaufman (in the earlier seasons), as they hunt for run-down classics and transform them into beautiful, roaring beasts.

The show not only showcases the art of restoration but also the fiery passion that goes into bringing these forgotten gems back to life. With deadlines looming and budgets stretched, the adrenaline is as high as the horsepower in every episode.

Wheeler Dealers: The Art of the Deal and the Wheel

If you love the idea of flipping cars for profit, “Wheeler Dealers” is your ultimate guide. The dynamic duo of Mike Brewer, the wheeler, and Edd China (and later Ant Anstead), the dealer, join forces to buy, restore, and sell cars for a profit.

It’s not only a story of repairing cars; it teaches the business side of the automotive world. This show is a journey into the world of automotive entrepreneurship with Mike’s sharp eye for business and Edd’s top-notch mechanical skills.

Counting Cars: Where Customization is King

If you believe that cars are not just machines but works of art, “Counting Cars” is tailor-made for you. Set in the world-renowned Count’s Kustoms, owned by Danny “The Count” Koker, this show takes customization to a whole new level.

Watch the talented team make art out of ordinary cars. There is no difference in whether it’s restoring old classics or some modern car with a unique body; every project shows how much work was put into making automotive art.

American Pickers: Hunting for Hidden Treasures

While not exclusively a car show, “American Pickers” deserves a spot on our list for the thrill of uncovering automotive relics hidden in plain sight. Join Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the backroads of America in search of forgotten treasures.

The pair finds buried treasures in barn find in dusty garages, including vintage signs, classic collectible toys, and, yes, even a few automotive rarities. It is a treasure hunt that will ring true to every passionate car enthusiast’s sense of adventure.

MotorWeek: The Gearhead’s Weekly Dose 

For the car buff who loves detailed reviews, specialist information, and up-to-the-minute automotive research, “MotorWeek” is your weekly rendezvous. The longtime program gives a detailed review of new cars, trucks, and SUVs, plus segments on industry trends and technology. 

Hosted by the informed John Davis, “MotorWeek” has proved itself a trustworthy provider of up to date information on motor vehicles. It’s the ideal way to combine your passion for adventurous thrills with a touch of practical facts.

Wrapping Up

These car shows provide an exciting and wide range of automotive content to every petrolhead. If you are passionate about high-speed trials, restoration of classic cars, or just want to appreciate the beauty of excellently calibrated machines, this list is tailor-made.

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