NewsThe best Marvel movies to watch this summer

The best Marvel movies to watch this summer

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There is no single reason why you shouldn’t consider a Marvel movie as your next film choice, as no matter your age or preferences, you will surely find these movies interesting. Everyone should watch at least a few of them, as they are very popular, and you will have the best time seeing the scenes where actors try to save the world. And who wouldn’t want to see some superheroes who fight evil from time to time? With an almost 15-year period in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe created some amazing productions, you will always have something to choose from that you will absolutely adore. 

So, prepare your popcorn, sit relaxed, and let us guide you through some of the best Marvel movies that are worth watching. 

Iron Man

The first Iron Man movie was released in 2008, and after it, the sequel came out in 2010 and the third part in 2013. But what’s the big deal with this movie, and why is it so popular, even today? Iron Man is about Tony Stark, a wealthy playboy industrialist who runs his father’s company, Stark Industries. He is attacked and held captive in an Afghan cave after he goes to Afghanistan to show his new product, the Jericho missile system. So, to protect from future dangers, he creates an original weaponized suit in which he begins to fight evil. When it was first made, the director, Stan Lee, wanted the main character to be hated by everybody. And although his sarcasm and unpredictable nature were the ones that he thought fans would hate, these attributes are exactly what makes the character so loved. And he isn’t just one of the most appreciated people from the movie but also a favorite from the whole Marvel Cinematic collection. Whether it is because the character gives spectators someone they can relate to, as he has no superpower whatsoever, or because the actor for this role, Robert Downey Jr., is the best Iron Man that this movie could possibly have, the number of reasons why this film is so admired are plenty. Tony Stark’s personality is also something that fans love, as it is simply mesmerizing to see his arrogant and sarcastic side come to play throughout the movie. And while these traits are not usually endearing, this doesn’t apply to Iron Man, as he is extremely well-received (especially by the ladies). 

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming is a movie directed by Jon Watts and represents a celebration of Spider-man, one of the most popular and loved Marvel superheroes. In this movie version, Peter Parker is a normal high school teenager living with his Aunt May and is still affected by his uncle’s death. But, soon, he finds himself in a new reality after being bitten by a radioactive spider which gives him strength, heightened senses and web-slinging abilities. There are many reasons why this movie is one of the best versions that brings to life the world of Spider-Man. One of them is represented by the actors, who we all must agree have been really well-chosen. Tom Holland does an excellent job playing the superhero and gives an electric performance for both Spider-man and Peter Parker. As Peter Parker, he is a typical 15-year-old teenager and a curious science nerd who is in love with the girl of his dreams, Michelle Jones, played by Zendaya. As Spider-Man, he is responsible and headstrong, understands his responsibility, and does a great job in trying to save the world. Also, the villain is very well chosen, as Michael Keaton plays the Vulture and succeeds in being the best negative actor that his movie needs. Also, what is a delight to watch is the relationship between Peter and Tony Stark, where Tony becomes a mentor for Spider-Man, giving him one of the best pieces of advice.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is the third film in this series, directed by Taika Waititi, who successfully creates a universe that fans simply adore. With this movie, Marvel demonstrated that they could do something different from what has been done before, and this break from their old habits was exactly what their collection of movies needed. The location of this film is impressive, as it was staged mainly in Australia’s Gold Coast, where they brought to life the colorful universe of Sakaar. The actors are perfect for the roles, as Chris Hemsworth is the best Thor, and Cate Blanchett does great playing Hela. Thor is a funny character, but in this movie, he finds himself in a serious situation, as the Asgardian prince is imprisoned far away, so Asgard now needs Thor more than ever before. 

Final words

Many other movies from the Marvel collection are worth watching, as these superhero films are absolutely fantastic. Why are they so appealing? Maybe because we seem to identify sometimes with the characters, especially because we discover that they are simple humans like us. Or it could be because we always want to see a good fight between good and evil, and in this movie, you will always witness one. Of course, actors are also a great reason why these movies are so impressive, as they are very well-chosen and the best for their roles.

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