NewsThe Best 4 Games Made into Movies

The Best 4 Games Made into Movies

The Best 4 Games Made into Movies
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Video games are being released constantly, and while some may do a good job at building a loyal following, there are a select few that go above and beyond and end up sparking a movie or a movie franchise. Video games being turned into Hollywood movies isn’t new, but which ones have managed to make the transition successfully? Some miss the mark due to casting, the storyline, budgeting issues or just not capturing the essence of the game. Here’s a look at the best of the best when it comes to video games that were made into movies.

Resident Evil

Many games have been made into movies over the years, but few can claim the success of the Resident Evil game. Not only did the game led to the first instalment that was released in 2002, but it was followed by five other movies – a total of six in the franchise. Then, in 2021, a reboot was released, which means it’s gone on to spur seven movies. As for the video games, there are currently three, with Resident Evil 4 to be released this year.

The Resident Evil franchise didn’t just stop at the video games and movies; it went on to inspire a whole new genre. Check out the many Resident Evil styled games at popular online casinos. While they may not be specifically branded under the franchise, it’s clear their premise gives a nod to the original video games. You can use this code for BetMGM and do a little digging yourself to find all the zombie and apocalypse-themed online slots. 

Tomb Raider

Here’s another example of a game franchise that also spurred a movie franchise. To date, two Tomb Raider movies starred Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, and then the franchise got a reboot with a new leading lady – Alicia Vikander – in 2018. Each movie was packed full of action and did a great job of staying true to its video game roots, giving fans plenty of fun features to watch for. As for the gaming side of Tomb Raider, there continues to be new releases with a game rumored to be released in 2023.

Silent Hill

For those with a love of the horror genre, Silent Hill has to be another standout option. The video game is described as a psychological thriller, which is true, so the movie had to take the same approach. The game was released back in 1999 and is a survival game, where players need to do everything, they can to survive. Since the original game, others have been released, each building on the same scary premise of the original. As for the movie, while not a huge hit in terms of box office numbers, fans were happy with the offering.

The Angry Birds

Not every video game that is made into a movie has to fall in the horror category and The Angry Birds franchise is a great example. What makes this one unique is that the game was a mobile app game rather than a video game for a console. The Angry Birds was so wildly successful that many other games have since been released as well as two Hollywood blockbusters that did incredibly at the box office. The merchandise avenue has also proved lucrative for this franchise.

It appears video game fans can’t get enough of seeing their favorite games turned into huge hits on the big screen. This is a trend that shows no signs of stopping, as there are many more to come.

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