News"That 70s Show": Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde) removed from 25th Anniversary Comic-Con...

“That 70s Show”: Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde) removed from 25th Anniversary Comic-Con celebration

– That ’70s Show’s 25th-anniversary reunion panel at Comic-Con will not feature Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde
– Masterson currently faces sexual assault charges
– A rep confirmed that Masterson was dropped from the panel to avoid a “media circus”

Danny Masterson, the actor who portrayed Steven Hyde in the popular sitcom That ’70s Show, has been removed from the show’s 25th-anniversary reunion panel at Comic-Con. This decision comes as Masterson is currently facing sexual assault charges.

According to a representative for the actor, Masterson’s removal from the panel was a mutual decision between the actor and the event. The representative stated that the decision was made “to avoid a media circus” and to keep the focus on the show’s anniversary.

The reunion panel is scheduled to take place in September at the pop culture convention. Organizers have yet to release an official statement regarding Masterson’s removal or the reasons behind it.

Masterson has denied all charges against him, and his lawyer has called the allegations “beyond preposterous.”

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