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Ted Lasso Spinoff Focusing on Rebecca and Keeley’s Women’s Football Team in Season 4 Announced

– Ted Lasso spinoff focused on Keeley and Rebecca’s women’s football team
– Spinoff potentially to be released between seasons 3 and 4 of the main show
– Jason Sudeikis offers hints about the new storyline in an interview with TVLine

A Ted Lasso spinoff, which revolves around Rebecca and Keeley’s women’s football team, is reportedly being considered. The spinoff could potentially be released between the third and fourth seasons of the hit Apple TV+ show. In an interview with Gold Derby, Jason Sudeikis, who stars as the titular character in Ted Lasso, discussed this possibility.

Jason Sudeikis explained that the planned spinoff series may also incorporate elements from the original show. He stated that it would be “a fantastic idea to follow our ladies, Hannah [Waddingham] and Juno [Temple], playing Rebecca and Keeley, in running a women’s soccer team, a women’s football club.” Sudeikis added that the concept is already being considered and has been discussed.

While the idea is still in the early stages, Sudeikis revealed that the story may be integrated between the third and fourth seasons of the main series, ensuring that it would not interfere with the timeline of Ted Lasso. He said, “It would be nice to do that in between seasons 3 and 4, the same way that ‘Game of Thrones’ had its five prequels in development in between seasons.”

Sudeikis also expressed his excitement for exploring a different side of the Ted Lasso world with the spinoff, helping to expand the universe of the show while focusing on the well-loved characters of Rebecca and Keeley.

As of now, the spinoff remains an idea being considered by the show’s creators. However, with the popularity of Ted Lasso and the strong fan base for the characters of Rebecca and Keeley, it seems likely that the spinoff will become a reality in the near future.

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