NewsTaylor Swift's Eras tour features New Girl bracelet, Max Greenfield recalls 2013...

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour features New Girl bracelet, Max Greenfield recalls 2013 role

– Max Greenfield played a small role back in 2013 as an obsessive fan of Taylor Swift
– Swift now wears a bracelet that Greenfield’s character gifted her in the ‘New Girl’ episode
– Greenfield, surprised and flattered, sees Swift keeping the bracelet as a nod to their shared past

Back in 2013, actor Max Greenfield played a tiny role in the hit show, ‘New Girl,’ as an obsessed fan of Taylor Swift. To his surprise, Greenfield recently discovered that Swift still wears the bracelet that his character gifted in the episode. The actor jokingly declared this as a validation of his performance and saw it as an acknowledgment of their shared history.

The ‘New Girl’ episode, which aired in 2013, featured Greenfield playing a passionate and possessive fan named Elaine, who hands over a personalized piece of jewelry to Swift’s character, Elaine. It is a bracelet with the words “New Eay,” which, in the show, stands for “New Elaine and Youth.”

Greenfield initially opened up about his feelings concerning the fact that Swift still wears the bracelet in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. According to him, it is both humorous and flattering. He said, “I don’t know why she still wears it, but it’s very funny, and I think it’s very sweet, and I like that she can have a self-aware sense of humor about it.” The actor also mentioned being delighted about the connection they now share because of it.

Greenfield further elaborated about the bracelet during an appearance on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ where he reiterated that he found it very sweet and funny. He stated that he filed the episode under “What a weird thing to be part of,” and never forgot his part as Elaine. And now, with Swift sporting the bracelet, it is even more remarkable for him.

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