NewsSWAT Season 7 cast includes Lina Esco, Stephanie Sigman

SWAT Season 7 cast includes Lina Esco, Stephanie Sigman

– Lina Esco and Stephanie Sigman to return for a SWAT Season 7 appearance
– Both actresses played opposite to Shemar Moore in the first season
– The characters’ reunion will take place on a picket line

SWAT fans can look forward to the return of Lina Esco and Stephanie Sigman, who played opposite Shemar Moore in the first season of the show. The characters will reunite in Season 7 in an unexpected setting: a picket line.

The news was confirmed by series executive producer Shawn Ryan, who shared a tweet featuring a photo of Esco, Sigman, and other cast members in front of a picket line. Ryan also mentioned that Detective Chris Alonso (Esco) and Captain Jessica Cortez (Sigman) have not shared a scene since Sigman’s departure from the series in 2018.

The reunion of the actresses is bound to be exciting for fans who have followed the show since its inception. In the first season, Alonso and Cortez worked together as a part of the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite tactical unit led by Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Moore). The storyline reveals that Cortez and Hondo were once romantically involved, creating an interesting dynamic between the three lead characters.

Sigman left the show after the season 2 premiere due to other projects, while Esco remained a series regular. Fans have eagerly awaited to see if the two characters would ever cross paths again, and it seems that the much-anticipated reunion will finally happen in the series’ seventh season.

As of now, there are no details on when exactly in Season 7 the episode featuring the reunion will air. SWAT Season 7 is set to premiere on October 3, and fans of the series can look forward to the return of these beloved characters.

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