NewsSuperman and Lois Reunion: Jordan Elsass' Original Jonathan Strike Photo

Superman and Lois Reunion: Jordan Elsass’ Original Jonathan Strike Photo

– Jordan Elsass returns to “Superman & Lois”
– Elsass was replaced by actor Charlie Terada in the episode “Stranger Beside You.”
– Terada’s performance made people question the storyline

Jordan Elsass is back in his role as Jonathan Kent in the popular TV show “Superman & Lois.” Elsass was temporarily replaced by Charlie Terada in the episode “Stranger Beside You.” Terada’s portrayal made people question the storyline and led to confusion among viewers.

In the episode, Jonathan Kent had an altercation with fellow students, who were seemingly attacked by “Blue Kryptonite” meta-humans. Elsass posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Thanks for the love! My Lil bro Charlie aka DJ Avicii killed it as Blue K,” referring to Terada’s role in the episode. Elsass shared his gratitude for the fan support during this brief change in casting.

It is still unclear why Elsass was absent from his role, but it seems to be a temporary change. Terada’s performance as Jonathan Kent led to confusion among viewers, as scenarios depicting a vastly different character from the previous Jonathan Kent were shown. Terada’s version of that character seemed to be older and more sinister, which made people question the storyline and whether this was a new and bizarre plot twist or simply a different actor.

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