NewsSuccession: Kendall's name crossed out, underlined, final season answer revealed on TVLine

Succession: Kendall’s name crossed out, underlined, final season answer revealed on TVLine

– Kendall’s name being crossed out and underlined signifies a powerful shift in his character’s narrative arc.
– The creators purposely added it as a crucial clue to understand Kendall’s journey and decisions.
– It represents the concept of negation of remission – running away from one’s past and making a final decision.

The character of Kendall Roy in the television series “Succession” has been on quite a dramatic journey throughout the show. The main character’s growth can be partly symbolized by the seemingly minor detail of his name being crossed out and then underlined, which points to a significant shift in his character.

This detail was purposefully added by the creators as a meaningful clue for the audience to better understand Kendall’s actions, decisions, and journey in the story. According to series creator Jesse Armstrong, it represents “the negation of remission.” In an interview with The New Yorker, Armstrong explained what this concept means: “‘It’s about crossing things out and shutting them down, for good—rather than pretending certain things aren’t happening when obtaining your goals.'”

Moreover, actor Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall on the show, believes that this visual cue is crucial because it speaks to the broader motivation of his character. It symbolizes Kendall running away from the past and committing to making a final decision to either win or lose the battle. It shows that Kendall is tired of operating under the illusion of his family’s unconditional love and support, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to change his life.

In conclusion, the small detail of Kendall’s name being crossed out and underlined carries immense weight in understanding his character’s trajectory in “Succession.” The creators deliberately incorporated this detail to indicate vital aspects of Kendall’s journey and decisions, embodying the concept of negation of remission.

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