NewsStephen Amell faces SAG-AFTRA Strike Controversy; Arrow Cast Members Share Reactions

Stephen Amell faces SAG-AFTRA Strike Controversy; Arrow Cast Members Share Reactions

– Stephen Amell called for a SAG-AFTRA strike without fully understanding the implications
– The actor later apologized and clarified his stance, which was prompted by the “festering strike wound” in Vancouver
– His “Arrow” colleagues shared support, understanding, and personal anecdotes about their own experiences with strikes

Stephen Amell, star of the popular TV series “Arrow,” recently faced criticism after calling for a SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) strike in a tweet without fully understanding the implications of his message. Amell later apologized and cleared up the confusion surrounding his tweet, which stemmed from frustration over a “festering strike wound” among Vancouver-based productions.

Amell explained that, although he is not currently working in Vancouver, he is well aware of the problems that the industry is facing there, and the tweet was an attempt to show solidarity with fellow artists. “I love actors… and I would love for no one to be out of work. It’s easy to criticize a lack of work on Twitter, but really, I want everyone to have as much work as I’ve had,” he said.

Upon realizing the backlash his tweet caused, Amell quickly deleted it and apologized, clarifying that he should not have called for a SAG-AFTRA strike. He added that it was not his place to instigate a work stoppage for colleagues, recognizing that he was letting emotion get in the way of facts.

In response to the controversy, several co-stars and colleagues from “Arrow” displayed empathy and shared their own experiences with strikes. Colton Haynes, who portrayed Roy Harper/Arsenal on the series, revealed that he lost family members during a strike due to the mere inability to work. Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who played Laurel Lance/Black Canary, expressed her understanding of the situation by saying, “I think we’ve all been there. Even if it’s not specifically this, we have felt frustrations with the business.”

Overall, while Amell’s initial tweet was misguided, the actor openly admitted his mistake and corrected his stance on the SAG-AFTRA strike. His “Arrow” co-stars showed support and understanding, shedding light on the various struggles and frustrations actors face in the industry.

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