NewsSilo Season 2 Halts Production Due to SAG Strike

Silo Season 2 Halts Production Due to SAG Strike

– SAG-AFTRA union members halt filming of “Silo” Season 2
– Contract violations cited as the reason for strike
– Show could potentially be recast or delayed indefinitely

Season 2 of the hit TV series “Silo” has halted production due to a dispute between the show’s producers and the SAG-AFTRA labor union. The cast members, who are also union members, have ceased filming the series in response to alleged violations of the union’s contract by the producers.

According to a statement from SAG-AFTRA, the producers broke the terms of the union’s contract, specifically in relation to working conditions and damages for performers. As a result, the union has called for a strike, urging its members to stop offering their services.

“SAG-AFTRA has called a strike against the producers of Silo Season 2 after they began violating the terms of the union’s TV/Theatrical Contracts, which cover pay and working conditions for principal performers, actors, and background performers,” reads part of the statement.

It is unclear if or when the show will resume filming, and the fate of “Silo” Season 2 remains uncertain. If the producers and the union are unable to resolve the dispute, the cast members could potentially be replaced, or the show may be delayed indefinitely.

The strike not only impacts the production of the show but also puts the jobs of the show’s cast and crew at risk. It further highlights the importance of adhering to union contracts and maintaining a fair and safe work environment for all involved in the production process.

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