NewsSamantha Jones' Cameo in "And Just Like That," Kim Cattrall's Kiss Explained

Samantha Jones’ Cameo in “And Just Like That,” Kim Cattrall’s Kiss Explained

– The inclusion of Samantha Jones in “And Just Like That…” is a tribute to her character and importance in the “Sex and the City” franchise.
– Kim Cattrall, who portrayed Jones, was not part of the revival due to unresolved issues with cast members.
– The cameo scene nods to Samantha’s famous line from the 2004 movie, “Ladies, I am not getting married. I am getting laid.”

The popular HBO series, “Sex and the City,” returns with its spinoff titled “And Just Like That…” and manages to pay homage to the lovable character, Samantha Jones, even though the actress who portrayed her, Kim Cattrall, was not available for the comeback.

Samantha was an integral part of the four leading ladies in the original series and played by Cattrall. Due to undisclosed internal issues with the fellow cast members, particularly co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, Cattrall opted out of the revival, leaving fans wondering about Samantha’s eventual fate. The producers decided to pay a tribute to her character by including Samantha in an early flashback scene.

The scene includes the three friends, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda, and Kristin Davis’ Charlotte, in bridesmaids’ dresses in a classic 90s wedding set. Carrie receives a text message from Samantha which reads, “Ladies, I am not getting married. I am getting laid.” This quote is a reference from 2004’s “Sex and the City” movie during which Samantha delivered this infamous line.

While Cattrall does not appear as the character Samantha in the revival, her absence resonates with the original cast members. Carrie speaks of Samantha by saying, “I never in my life thought I would feel this close to someone who I spent so much time with, and then suddenly don’t see. But that’s just how life works sometimes, you know?” This heartfelt statement highlights the significance of Jones’ character and demonstrates the creators’ deep understanding of her importance.

The inclusion of Samantha within the first few moments of “And Just Like That…” pays tributes to the lasting impact of Cattrall’s character in the iconic “Sex and the City” franchise, ensuring fans still feel the beloved character’s presence even without her on-screen portrayal.

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