Ronna McDaniel Fired by NBC News Amid Donald Trump RNC Chair Backlash

Ronna McDaniel has left NBC News. Just four days ago, they announced her hiring as a paid contributor. A gig that would’ve netted her $300,000 annually.

Cesar Conde, the big boss at NBCUniversal News Group, broke the news. He sent an email on Tuesday. CNN’s Brian Stelter shared the scoop. Conde wrote, “The past few days have been tough. After hearing your concerns, I’ve decided McDaniel won’t be joining us.”

There was an ad break. You know, the usual digital clutter.

Conde stressed the importance of unity in the newsroom. He admitted that McDaniel’s hiring was a misstep. “We’re doubling down on bringing diverse viewpoints,” he promised.

Then, there were some related stories. Something about “Chicago Fire” and a recasting in “Invincible.” But let’s get back on track.

McDaniel made a sort of debut on “Meet the Press.” As a guest, not an employee. She dialed down her support for Trump, especially his controversial promises. “It’s different now,” she said, “I can be more myself.”

Chuck Todd had words for Kristen Welker after the interview. “Our bosses owe you an apology,” he said. He doubted the sincerity of McDaniel’s answers, given her new role.

Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe” was upfront. He and Mika Brzezinski weren’t consulted about the hire. “We would’ve objected,” he stated, citing McDaniel’s controversial past.

Another ad break popped up. Again, more digital noise.

Mika Brzezinski echoed Scarborough’s sentiment. “NBC should find conservative voices,” she said. “But not someone who denies election results.”

Rachel Maddow weighed in too. On her show, she called McDaniel’s hiring “inexplicable.” “This is a mistake,” Maddow said, urging NBC to reconsider.

Maddow also offered some advice. “It’s okay to admit a mistake,” she said. “It shows strength. And we need that strength now.”

So, there you have it. A whirlwind few days at NBC News. With a mix of reactions, apologies, and calls for reevaluation.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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