NewsRap Shit Season 2 Premiere Delayed: Release Date Info

Rap Shit Season 2 Premiere Delayed: Release Date Info

– “Rap Sh*t” Season 2 filming delayed due to COVID-19
– New release date unknown
– Issa Rae’s Hoorae production company ensuring strict COVID-19 protocols

The pandemic has struck yet another blow to the entertainment industry, with HBO‘s “Rap Sh*t” Season 2 premiere being delayed. Due to COVID-19, the filming for the second season has been hindered, and the new release date is currently unknown.

“Rap Sh*t” is a comedy series produced by Issa Rae’s Hoorae production company, which follows three female rappers trying to break into the music industry. The show has been praised for tackling social issues and reflecting the reality of those struggling within the entertainment world.

The delay in filming is specifically due to a COVID-19 outbreak within the show’s production team. Issa Rae’s company is said to be taking strict measures to maintain COVID-19 protocols and safety guidelines.

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