Paramount Plus Cancels Shows Including Rugrats Reboot: Full List

The great streaming purge has hit children’s TV hard. Paramount+ has yanked 10 kid-friendly shows from its lineup. Among the casualties are the CG-animated Rugrats reboot and Big Nate. Interestingly, neither show has been officially axed yet.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Blue’s Clues & You! are also gone. The list continues with It’s Pony, Middlemost Post, and a few others. Even the recently cancelled That Girl Lay Lay didn’t escape the cut.

Ads, though? They’re still around. Everywhere, really. But let’s not get sidetracked.

The new Rugrats brought back familiar voices for its 2021 debut. E.G. Daily and Nancy Cartwright were among those reprising their roles. New talent like the Veep trio joined the cast, adding fresh voices to the mix.

Additional newbies included Ashley Rae Spillers and Tommy Dewey. They played Tommy’s parents, Didi and Stu. The cast expansion didn’t stop there, with several more joining the ranks.

Big Nate, on the other hand, followed an 11-year-old boy and his friends. Their sixth-grade adventures were said to be navigated with humor and style. Both Rugrats and Big Nate managed to churn out two seasons each on Paramount+.

This isn’t the first time Paramount+ has purged children’s content. The live-action Fairly OddParents reboot vanished without a trace before. Seems like a pattern, doesn’t it?

And for those feeling nostalgic, there’s always a list of the best Nickelodeon shows out there. Just a click away. Because sometimes, we all need a little trip down memory lane.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
Mason Messick is a writer and television enthusiast. He has been covering the world of TV for 5 years and has a particular passion for drama series. Mason's engaging writing style has made him a valuable member of the Tonight.TV website team.


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