Olivia Munn Undergoes Double Mastectomy After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Olivia Munn has opened up about her breast cancer journey. It started over a year ago.

At 43, the former *Daily Show* correspondent and *Newsroom* actress shared her story on Instagram. Last Wednesday, she revealed undergoing a double mastectomy after her diagnosis.

“In the past ten months, I’ve had four surgeries,” she wrote. The days she spent in bed are too many to count. She’s learned a lot about cancer, treatments, and hormones. More than she ever imagined, actually.

Surprisingly, she’s only cried twice. It seems there wasn’t time for tears. Her focus was sharp, emotions that might cloud her clarity were pushed aside.

One of those surgeries was a double mastectomy. Munn shared this detail, emphasizing her fortune in catching the cancer early. She had options.

“I’m lucky,” she said. Early detection meant she had choices. She wants every woman to have the same opportunity. Munn urges women to talk to their doctors about their Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score. If it’s over 20%, annual mammograms and MRIs are needed starting at 30.

She’s grateful for the support from friends and family. And especially thankful to John Mulaney. He spent nights researching operations, medications, and their side effects. He was there before and after each surgery, ensuring the first thing she saw upon waking was a photo of their son, Malcolm.

You can read Munn’s complete post below. It’s a deep dive into her journey, filled with gratitude, resilience, and a call to action for women’s health awareness.

The Instagram post is a rich source of her story. It’s detailed and personal, a reflection of her battle and her message to others facing similar challenges.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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