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Movie events for betting in 2023 – new rules for selecting Oscar nominees

Movie events for betting in 2023 – new rules for selecting Oscar nominees
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In the modern online betting market, there is now a high competition between bookmakers, who are forced to constantly improve the quality of service, introduce new features, expand the line so that users choose a specific product. Some bookmakers offer right on the site or in the application, in addition to sports betting, also playing in an online casino, as an example, the bookmaker’s office Mostbet casino BD. Many companies introduce less popular sports into the line or even various events that are not related to sports, for example, betting on various movie awards.

The most popular film award in the world at the moment is the Oscar and bookmakers cover this event quite well. If you are well versed in cinema, then betting on movie events is a great opportunity to increase interest from expecting a movie award, as well as earn a decent amount of money. However, cinema is constantly changing, with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introducing new criteria that films must meet in order to receive awards.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest changes to be sure to keep in mind if you’re betting on the Oscars.

Recommendations for betting on the film award “Oscar” in view of the new rules

So, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced new criteria for films to compete for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Diversity will be encouraged first and foremost on and off the screen. At the same time, it is important to involve representatives of minorities in the production process. The main task is to expand the scope of the film production process as much as possible.

The rules for the Oscars have been slightly changed. The most important changes affected the category for “Best Film”. So, films that are nominated for an Oscar must meet at least two of the four criteria that will be presented below. With the new rules in place, it is important that a certain percentage of actors and even crew members fall under the category of underrepresented. This group also includes representatives of national minorities (by racial or ethnic origin), actors with disabilities, representatives of LGBT communities, as well as women.

Criterion #1

Actors who belong to minorities must be present on the screen. This criterion has 3 sub-items:

  • Actors or actresses who play a supporting role must be from some ethnic minority (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Hawaiian, etc.).
  • More than 30% of supporting actors in films must be women, or representatives of LGBT, ethnic groups, people with disabilities.
  • The film should be made on the topic of underrepresented groups.

As for other criteria, they concern the staff of marketing, advertising, film distribution companies.

Criterion #2

According to published information, the process of managing creative processes must meet all the conditions that were presented in the first paragraph.

Criterion #3

The industry should be open to members of minorities. Great professional opportunities should be created for them.

Criterion #4

And one more point that is related to minorities in the marketing and promotion department of a particular film.

Why did such changes take place?

According to the leadership of the US Film Academy, they are working to expand the structure to reflect the diversity of the global community in terms of the image component, as well as in terms of attitude towards the audience. According to film academy executives, exclusivity standards will further lead to long-term fundamental changes in the industry.

Therefore, before placing new bets on film events, and specifically on the Oscars for the best film, be sure to consider the above features and criteria. If a motion picture does not meet any of these points, then with a high degree of probability it can be assumed that it will not have a chance to receive an award.

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