Mayim Bialik Oscars Controversy: Yellow Ribbons, Israel Hostages Explained

Mayim Bialik was not pleased with what she witnessed on Oscar night. She took her thoughts to Instagram last Friday. There, she criticized celebrities who showed up at the Oscars without wearing a yellow ribbon. This ribbon was a symbol, showing support for the safe return of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

“The Oscars had its moments, both on the red carpet and the stage,” Bialik mentioned. But here’s her main point: she wished everyone had worn that yellow ribbon. It was a call for the immediate release of hostages taken from their homes on October 7. This included American citizens.

In response to some celebrities advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza, Bialik had more to say. Stars like Mark Ruffalo and Billie Eilish wore a red pin, showing their support for peace. Bialik pointed out, “The cease-fire offer demands the return of captive women, elderly, and injured. Hamas rejected it.” She accompanied her message with a photo of herself, donning the yellow ribbon, hashtagged #BringThemHome.

Bialik, who is Jewish, has always been vocal about her support for Israel. She’s shared her thoughts on the Gaza crisis multiple times. At the Golden Globes in January, several celebrities, including ‘Succession’ star J. Smith-Cameron, wore yellow ribbons. This was a show of solidarity with the hostages taken by Hamas.

She also hinted at the Oscars’ controversies. One such moment was the acceptance speech by ‘The Zone of Interest’ director Jonathan Glazer. He drew parallels between the Holocaust and the current Israel-Palestine conflict. This comparison sparked outrage among pro-Israel advocates. They felt Glazer was unfairly blaming Israel for the conflict with Hamas. The film’s executive producer, Danny Cohen, later expressed his fundamental disagreement with Glazer’s remarks.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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