NewsLooking for Personalized Neck Adornment?

Looking for Personalized Neck Adornment?

Looking for Personalized Neck Adornment?
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

Are you looking to ramp up your look with bespoke neck adornment? Well, a neck adornment can pull your outfit together and give you that regal appearance. The beauty is that necklaces come in different designs and styles suited for every kind of taste and budget. That said, what do you consider when shopping for a unique neck adornment? We are here to help! Here is a quick guide to help you find that personalized neck adornment for you or your loved one.

The length of the Necklace

For starters, it is vital that you choose the perfect length. Yes, pick your necklace length depending on the occasion you will be wearing it. For instance, if you are attending a black-tie affair, a shorter neck adornment that is brighter in color will serve best. A necklace that is too long might get lost in the outfit and won’t be your focal point. But, if you choose to wear a dress with a plunging neck, a longer necklace will be best to create a balance.

Here is a guide on common necklace lengths:

  • 14″ Necklace: Wraps around the neck like a choker
  • 16″ Necklace: falls like a collar around the base of the neck
  • 18″ Necklace: Sits gracefully on the collar bone.
  • 20″ Necklace: Will fall just below the collarbone.
  • 22″ Necklace: Fall to the top of the bust or just above it.

Size of your Neck

Measure the size of your neck before purchasing a necklace and, more so if you are going for a choker. You can do so by wrapping a measuring tape gently around your neck. Then, to the measurement you get, add 2 inches if you want a 14 inches necklace and 4 inches if you intend to purchase an 18-inch neck adornment. Remember, though, chokers work best for people with long necks.

The Shape of your Face

A neck adornment can sort of help frame your face. It can also draw attention to your strongest features. Well, you can check out some unique necklaces here, depending on your taste and preference. For example, you can turn those wonderful memories into a wearable keepsake with a personalized 2D or 3D rectangle necklace. You can also go for a heart-shaped design. Going for a beautiful crystal pendant will certainly recreate your photos in breathtaking 3D detail and depth.

Tip: The best way to get that personalized look in the engraving results is to ensure you take a close-up portrait for your photo you use.

Your Body Type

Just as the shape of your face can affect the type of necklace you should wear, the type of your body can also affect your choices. Keep in mind that the attention of people’s eyes will stop where the necklace ends. Thus, if you do not want to draw attention to a specific part, avoid necklaces that end there. For instance, if you have a smaller bust, avoid necklaces that sit below the bustline; long-thin, or long-layered chains will look great on you.

Your Height

Height is an essential factor to consider when choosing a neck adornment. For example, if you are below 5’4”, 16-20 inches long necklaces are ideal for you. After all, wearing long necklaces will overwhelm your frame and make your outfit look chaotic. On the other hand, you can wear a necklace of any type and length if your height is between 5’4” to 5’7”. But if your height is above 5’7” or so, then a longer neck adornment is the best. It will help intensify your tall frame.


In a nutshell, neck adornments come in different sizes, lengths and design. The key is to pick the right one for you depending on your body features, your taste and preferences. Let’s just say that personalized adornment from a reputable vendor is bound to accentuate that wonderful outlook!

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