NewsLizzo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Involving Her Dancers in New Statement

Lizzo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Involving Her Dancers in New Statement

  • Lizzo responds to accusations of dancer harassment during concert tours
  • Emphasizes her dedication to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment
  • Dismisses allegations as misconstrued expressions of gratitude and happiness

Singer Lizzo recently had to face allegations of sexual harassment filed against her by dancers who claimed they were mistreated during concert tours. In response, she issued a statement addressing the accusations and emphasizing her values.

In the statement, Lizzo firmly denied any wrongdoing on her part and spoke about how she strives to maintain a positive, respectful, and inclusive environment in her workplace. The singer went on to say that she is devoted to ensuring all those she works with are treated fairly, responsibly, and respectfully.

The lawsuit in question alleged that Lizzo engaged in “unwanted and unwelcome sexual comments, touching, and advances” towards her dancers on the tour. However, according to Lizzo’s statement, these accusations are based on misconstrued expressions of gratitude and happiness.

Lizzo explained that she is known for being expressive, especially when it comes to her “love and joy” for her team. She added that these alleged incidents might have been moments where she expressed her gratitude for her team’s hard work and their success, but others misinterpreted these expressions instead.

Additionally, the singer stressed the importance of not taking such allegations lightly, but she also highlighted the need for accuracy and fairness in these matters. Lizzo reiterated that she remains committed to maintaining a positive environment for her team and focusing on her career and future projects.

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