NewsLizzo faces lawsuit from former dancers accusing her of sexual harassment and...

Lizzo faces lawsuit from former dancers accusing her of sexual harassment and assault

  • Lizzo has been accused of allowing dancers to endure extreme working conditions, sexual harassment, and assault on an upcoming project.
  • The dancers filed a lawsuit against Lizzo and her production team, alleging abuse on the set of her new dance competition show.
  • The court document includes allegations such as inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, and explicit texts from one of the choreographers.

Popstar Lizzo is facing a lawsuit from dancers who claim they experienced intense working conditions, sexual harassment, and assault during the production of an unnamed dance competition program. The aggrieved dancers have sued Lizzo and her production team, accusing them of permitting the distressing behavior on-set.

According to the legal documents filed, the plaintiffs argue that they were subjected to abuse and degradation by one of the choreographers on the project. The accusations include explicit and unsolicited text messages, improper touching, and being humiliated for their weight and overall appearance. In one particular instance, a dancer claims that the accused choreographer referred to her as a “fat whale.”

The dancers further allege that the toxic environment allowed the abuse to continue unchecked. They cite long working hours without breaks and say that their concerns were dismissed when they attempted to address the situation with the production team.

Lizzo, known for her body-positive messaging and vibrant performances, has yet to publicly respond to the allegations. The outcome of this lawsuit could potentially impact her public image and the perceived authenticity of her message.

The case will be carefully watched in the entertainment industry as performers increasingly speak out against toxic work environments and sexual harassment in the wave of #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

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