NewsKevin Spacey verdict not guilty in sexual assault charges case

Kevin Spacey verdict not guilty in sexual assault charges case

– Kevin Spacey found not guilty of sexual assault charges
– A Massachusetts judge dismissed the charges due to lack of evidence
– Spacey’s lawyers claim the accuser manipulated text messages and Snapchat video

In a recent judgment, a Massachusetts judge found Kevin Spacey not guilty of sexual assault charges. The ruling came after prosecutors were forced to drop a different case in 2019 due to the accuser’s refusal to testify. Spacey’s legal troubles aren’t quite behind him yet, however, as he still faces potential lawsuits from at least two other people who claim that he abused them as teenagers.

In this particular case, the judge had no choice but to dismiss the charges due to a lack of sufficient evidence. Throughout the trial, Spacey’s defense maintained that the accuser, actor Anthony Rapp, and the other eight alleged victims, whose cases were eventually dropped, had staged a “smear campaign” against the former House of Cards star. Additionally, Spacey’s lawyers claim that the accuser manipulated text messages and edited a Snapchat video to “misrepresent” the encounter.

In response to this ruling, Rapp took to Twitter and told followers, “My fellow survivors, I believe you and support you.” He also stated that he has no regrets about coming forward and that “Kevin Spacey sexually abused me when I was 14 years old.”

The allegations against Spacey first emerged in 2017, leading to numerous other claims of sexual assault and harassment, which resulted in the end of Spacey’s acting career. He has denied all allegations and insisted on his innocence throughout the entire process.

As Spacey continues to deal with the other pending lawsuits against him, the not guilty verdict in this case serves as a reminder of the legal complexities and challenges that survivors of sexual assault face when attempting to seek justice.

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