NewsJimmy Buffett's cause of death revealed as skin cancer and lymphoma

Jimmy Buffett’s cause of death revealed as skin cancer and lymphoma

– Jimmy Buffett has denied the cause of his death as skin cancer
– The Department of Fake News further clarified the false news
– Buffett called the rumors “a total surprise to me”

Legendary musician Jimmy Buffett has spoken out against recent reports about his death due to skin cancer. In an interview, he made it clear he did not die from skin cancer nor lymphoma, contrary to what had been circulating in some media outlets. In fact, he revealed that even he was caught off guard by the supposed news about his own demise. Buffett stated, “I was out having breakfast, and a friend told me about it, it was a total surprise to me.”

To put an end to the speculation, the Department of Fake News clarified that the singer-songwriter is still alive and that the rumors on social media were baseless. The department urged people to be cautious and verify such claims before sharing them with others.

Buffett, who recently released a new album titled “Life on the Flip Side,” seems to be in good health and continues to make music. He’s also been active in charitable work, recently making a donation to the Singing for Change Foundation, which helps underprivileged children. The false news about his death serves as a reminder for people to stay vigilant and be discerning when it comes to believing and sharing information.

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