NewsJesus Drama 'The Chosen' Receives SAG Waiver for Filming Season 4

Jesus Drama ‘The Chosen’ Receives SAG Waiver for Filming Season 4

– The SAG-AFTRA union has granted a waiver for the fourth season of “The Chosen”
– Filming is set to begin in Texas by the end of February 2023
– The show’s creators have raised $174 million from crowdfunding

The popular streaming series, “The Chosen,” centered around the life of Jesus, has been granted a waiver by the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union to film its fourth season without any interruptions. This decision will allow the show to proceed with its plans to start filming in Texas at the end of February 2023.

The SAG-AFTRA waiver serves as a means of ensuring that the show can continue to film without encountering any delays caused by labor disputes or high production costs that could have stifled the series’ creation. With the waiver in place, it will be possible for the show’s stars, producers, and crew to work smoothly and efficiently in order to bring the fourth season to viewers as soon as possible.

“The Chosen” is a groundbreaking series in many ways and has grown into a major success story after raising over $174 million through crowdfunding. The series has captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, who are eager to see how the story of Jesus and his disciples unfolds in the upcoming season. The show was created by Dallas Jenkins and has been distributed across various platforms, including YouTube and the official app.

According to the show’s creators, the fourth season will dive deeper into Jesus’ journey, exploring his relationships with his followers and the challenges he faced. As anticipation builds and fans eagerly await the latest installment, the SAG-AFTRA waiver serves as a critical step toward ensuring that the production can move forward without any complications.

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