NewsJeopardy Season 40 premiere date delayed due to writers' strike update

Jeopardy Season 40 premiere date delayed due to writers’ strike update

Jeopardy!’s Season 40 premiere has been postponed
The Writers Guild of America has called for a strike
Jennings and Anderson Cooper are set to kick off the milestone season

Jeopardy! Season 40’s premiere date has been pushed back due to a potential writers’ strike. The Writers Guild of America has announced it will strike if a new deal isn’t reached by 11:59 p.m. PT on Sept. 30, which could lead to delays in not only Jeopardy! but also several other television shows. The announcement of the potential strike comes just over a month before Season 40 is set to premiere, with the quiz show’s longest reigning champion, Ken Jennings and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper set to kick off the new season.

The current writer’s deal was extended on July 1st for three months, but the industry has not yet been able to come to a new agreement. This extension expires on Sept. 30 at midnight, and if a new deal isn’t reached, writers will be forced to strike. This could lead to a halt in production for various television programs, including Jeopardy! Season 40.

The strike notice, posted on the WGA West website, cautions that members should “be prepared for the possibility of a work stoppage” if a new agreement isn’t reached. This would be the first big strike since the 2007-2008 strike, which led to major disruptions in the television and film industry. If the WGA strike happens, it may significantly impact the upcoming fall television season and delay premieres of various shows.

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