NewsJeopardy raises second and third-place prize amounts, increases pay for contestants' travel...

Jeopardy raises second and third-place prize amounts, increases pay for contestants’ travel expenses

  • Jeopardy! increases the cash prizes for second and third place contestants.
  • The new amounts take effect starting November 29, 2021.
  • The change is in response to contestants’ feedback and increases in the costs of living and travel.

The popular quiz show, Jeopardy!, has decided to boost the cash prize amounts for second and third place contestants. This change will begin on November 29, 2021, taking effect in Season 38 of the show. The decision comes in response to feedback from contestants, as well as a recognition of increased living and travel expenses.

Previously, second-place contestants would earn $2,000, while those in third-place would take home $1,000. However, following the recent increase, second-place winners will now receive $3,500, and third-place earners will get $2,500. This considerable increase in cash prizes demonstrates the show’s commitment to acknowledging the hard work contestants put in to prepare for the game.

The show’s producers, Embassy Row and Sony Pictures Television, informed current and upcoming contestants about the increase in a recent email. The email mentioned that the increase was prompted by contestant’s requests for a more meaningful cash prize and to place the emphasis on competitiveness rather than the general experience of being on the show.

Months after losing its long-time host, Alex Trebek, to pancreatic cancer, Jeopardy! has been addressing several changes, including hosting issues. The show has had a rotation of guest hosts, and it is still searching for a permanent replacement for Trebek. The recent changes in cash prizes are significant in the history of the quiz show, as they can serve to attract more contestants and build the competitive atmosphere on the show while ensuring that all contestants feel the game is rewarding.

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