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Jason Aldean’s CMA Fest performance of “Try That in a Small Town” sparks controversy on ABC

– Jason Aldean’s performance of “Try That in a Small Town” at 2022 CMA Fest sparks controversy
– The song’s lyrics are viewed as supporting anti-LGBTQ sentiment and small-town conservatism
– The network ABC has defended its decision to include the performance in the special

Country music singer Jason Aldean has found himself in the midst of controversy after his performance of “Try That in a Small Town” during the 2022 CMA Fest. Many viewers interpreted the song’s lyrics as anti-LGBTQ and in support of conservative, small-town values, causing a furor on social media.

“Try That in a Small Town” includes lyrics such as “It might fly in L.A., but it won’t down here” and “The world I live in don’t believe in that.” The song’s potentially divisive message has prompted significant backlash online. Critics argue that the lyrics celebrate bigotry and close-mindedness, reinforcing negative stereotypes about small-town America and further marginalizing LGBTQ individuals.

In response to the controversy, the television network ABC has defended its decision to feature Aldean’s performance in the two-hour CMA Fest special. ABC released a statement saying, “The show strives to represent the majority of American attitudes for the inclusive purpose of entertaining a wide-ranging audience of all ages. Including the performance does not inherently represent the singular opinion of the network.”

Others have come to Aldean’s defense, claiming that the song is about small-town pride and not necessarily promoting intolerance. One Twitter user wrote, “I don’t think the song is anti-LGBTQ, but rather a pro-small-town song. Inclusivity doesn’t mean erasing the identity of rural America.”

Despite the controversy, Jason Aldean’s performance at the 2022 CMA Fest is raising important questions about the boundaries of artistic expression and the impact of music on marginalized communities.

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