NewsJane Levy Supports Actors' Strike, Shares SAG Statement on Instagram

Jane Levy Supports Actors’ Strike, Shares SAG Statement on Instagram

– Jane Levy supports possible SAG-AFTRA strike
– The actress believes in fair pay and net profit sharing for actors
– She calls out streaming giants profiting off pandemic viewership

Actress Jane Levy has lent her support to fellow actors in the fight for fair compensation as the possibility of a strike looms amongst the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Posting her thoughts on Instagram, Levy, best known for her role in the TV series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” expressed her solidarity with the union’s efforts to fight against unfair wages and the streaming giants’ refusal to share net profits amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Explaining her stance, Levy wrote in her Instagram post, “I believe in fair pay. I believe unions create safeguards for workers and that they fundamentally are trying to protect people from being taken advantage of.” She highlighted the importance of coming together to stand up for one another and to merely ask for a fair chance at success within the industry.

Levy also explicitly called out the streaming giants for reaping enormous profits off of pandemic-driven viewership. She pointed out the unfairness of the situation when many actors, writers, and other creatives were not receiving their fair share of the profits. “Netflix & co. are taking advantage of the fact that no one could go to the movie theater or a concert and streaming was our only source of TV/movie entertainment. Making billions of dollars off our work and not sharing it with the artists who create it,” she wrote.

The actress emphasized that the only thing the union and the actors are asking for is a small percentage of the streaming companies’ net profits so that they can continue to work and produce the content that ultimately brings in the astronomical revenue. Levy concluded her statement by reaffirming her support for the possible actors’ strike, adding, “If it comes to a strike, I will proudly strike alongside those fighting for the just demands of my fellow actors.”

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