Hunter Clowdus Exits All American as JJ in Season 6

It’s set in stone now. The Vortex won’t be the same in Season 6 of All American. They’ll be missing a key player.

Hunter Clowdus, known for his role as JJ Parker, won’t return for the new season. Since the show’s start, he’s been a staple on the football field.

A spokesperson shared that JJ’s journey had come to a natural end last season. It seems his storyline wrapped up just right.

Remember JJ’s struggles in Season 5? He faced quite a bit. From joining a fraternity, battling a drinking problem, to distancing himself from friends during Coach Baker’s sad departure.

But, there was a glimmer of hope. By the season’s close, JJ seemed to find his way back. An intervention from pals and a move back to the beach house put his mental health front and center.

Rumors of Clowdus leaving swirled during the show’s break. Fans pieced clues together, especially after he unfollowed fellow cast members online.

In a candid Instagram comment, Clowdus opened up last November. He didn’t want to leave, hoping to give JJ and the fans a proper goodbye.

Yet, he felt pushed out. “I began to feel very unwelcome there,” he admitted, pointing to the toll it took on his mental health. In the end, it wasn’t his choice to exit.

All American returns without JJ this April 1. It’s a Monday night slot at 8/7c. Will you tune in despite Clowdus’ absence?

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Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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