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Have You Caught Your Breath Yet?: How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Recap

How To Get Away With Murder is nearing its end of season three; the season finale airs Thursday with a 2-hour special. Annaliese Keating and her crew have gotten themselves into a mess that’s deeper than they had expected.

First off, let’s just say it: Wes. Is. Dead. Hard to believe but after weeks of wondering who was #UnderTheSheet after Annaliese’s house caught on fire from an unknown explosion and them teasing us every episode by showing one person alive until we were left with two guesses: Nate Lahey or Wes Gibbins. The answer shocked everyone when Nate was shown walking into the morgue and the covers flipped back, exposing a severely burned Wes. That alone took the breath away of the loyal viewers of the ABC series. It was later revealed that he died before the fire however.

Now, we were left with the burning question of who could have done it.

But first, we witness something we had hoped we wouldn’t have to: The arrest of Annaliese Keating. She was getting hit with charges left and right, even one for the murder of Rebecca Sutter, Wes’s girlfriend from season one who mysteriously disappeared. She was killed by Bonnie Winterbottom, who thought she was doing Annaliese a favor when she thought Rebecca would run to the police.

Every season starts off with the climax and rewinds back to the start of it all. As we see Annaliese, shocked and stricken with fear and uncertainty, standing outside her house along with cops, ambulances, and onlookers, she asked to view the body of the person they pulled from her house. As the camera pans closer and the EMT pulls back the sheet, Keating’s body moves in front, obstructing our view of the body. Then comes the blood curling scream.

As the season progresses, Bonnie tries her hardest to get Keating out on bail; none of her attempts work. Michaela and Asher try to calm down an angry Connor, who blames everything on Keating, all while Connor tries to convince Olivier to examine the copied contents of Keating’s phone when she asked him to erase everything out of it. Frank confesses to the murder of Wes to help Annaliese after he had disappeared. Then we have Laurel, who had started dating Wes after her had broken up with his girlfriend. She was also in the fire but managed to come out alive — and pregnant. She takes Wes’s death the hardest as she feels nobody wants justice.

Annaliese is released from jail on bond after provoking an inmate to hit her and not everyone is excited as there’s the still mystery of not only who killed Wes, but who moved his body out of the morgue. We see Keating at her lowest but she soon bounces back as she files a lawsuit against Renee Atwood, who gets fired due to her relationship with Nate Lahey.

In episode 313, Asher comes out and say what we are thinking — Connor is the snitch. Of course, Connor defends himself but Asher’s isn’t convinced as Connor’s actions prove otherwise. The episode ended with a flashback of Connor given Wes CPR.

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