NewsHow can technology give you good security?

How can technology give you good security?

How can technology give you good security
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Advancement in technology has greatly transformed global security capabilities, from alleviating the impact of natural disasters to improving the monitoring system of our borders, and many more. Just a few years ago, we only heard of unmanned drones on the pages of science fiction. Consequently, artificial intelligence seemed to be in the distant future. Nowadays, we can see how these sophisticated technologies have revolutionized every aspect in our lives. The following are some of the ways that these technological advances can help us in mitigating security risks.


As we embrace modern technology, new types of crime have emerged and become inevitable. Each day, we have seen cyberattacks becoming more challenging. That is why it is essential that business owners, organizations, governments, as well as infrastructure providers, must be aware that efficient cybersecurity solutions can help in sustaining social and business networks, and safeguard defense, transport, and vital infrastructure systems.

While standard cybersecurity defenses include network security, software management, analysis, and monitoring exclusively created for IT systems, the newest developments are more proactive and created for operational technology systems. By implementing behavior monitoring and protocol inspections, systems will become more aware of any potential threats and more effective in guarding against them. Cybercrimes can vary from plain tricks to sophisticated system hacks.


Today, internet is very accessible. It makes us productive and entertains us. But you cannot stay secure and private in the internet. In fact, when you visit sites, cookies will be stored. We get ads from advertisers based on our browser history, most of all, our ISP is aware of the sites that visited. Fortunately, the best VPN service can help us with this. You can even protect all connected devices with VPN router. A VPN or Virtual Private Network offers you anonymity, privacy, and security, when you’re online. VPNs can protect your online activity and transmissions. In addition, it allows you to access your media and files from any location, privately and securely.

Drone Technology

Drones can be found anywhere. Although there are privacy concerns involved, however, drones can be valuable in security and defense. They can be used to guard against illegal fishing, pirates, smuggling, illegal immigration, and terrorism. Minimizing human involvement in these hazardous situations, these drones can help reduce costs while enhancing safety as well.

Use AI to Translate Satellite Images

These satellite images have been helping security experts for their efforts on preventative and response techniques. With the increasing quality and availability of these images, it is even more useful for security and disaster-relief operations. However, this can only be accessed by a few people, fortunately, there is a machine learning breakthrough that uses satellite images to improve lives. This data are a valuable resource, however, as the volume starts to get larger, the processing can be challenging. Previously, analysts would process these satellite images for hours. Now, AI will automatically search areas and produce real-time reports that will be sent to the rescue teams. When there is flood in a certain area, maps of the damaged areas can be generated right away, so that the resources can be delivered appropriately. It can also be used in monitoring industrial trends or in border security.

AI Video Surveillance

Similarly, the surveillance cameras now do not require humans to spend endless hours observing the screens. Rather, these cameras come with AI-enabled systems, network storage and connected sensors, which can keep an eye on things 24/7. For instance, when things are getting stolen such as the credit cards stolen out of Port Charlotte gym. This high-tech digital surveillance system is equipped with algorithms to enhance its monitoring capabilities It uses a software that is capable of detecting any movements or even identify individual faces, even in the dark.

Internet Connectivity

The internet connection that we use each day has both positive and negative effect for security. Although there is a vast amount of information that can be collected and processed in a short period, however, the huge amount of information between different devices could create threats and opportunities for interception. While software and hardware security measures are embedded in these devices during the design stage, nevertheless, strong encryption should also be used included to ensure security between devices as well as the systems they’re using.

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