NewsGreat Netflix Shows that Got Canceled after Season 1

Great Netflix Shows that Got Canceled after Season 1

Great Netflix Shows that Got Canceled after Season 1
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When we discuss the online streaming market, Netflix is the ultimate leader for many reasons. With more than 17,000 titles available for viewers, Netflix has everything to entertain users. But there is something wrong with the management team of the company. They always tend to cancel some great shows that users want to get more of. Can you imagine getting your favorite canceled right after the first season? Well, that happened many times at this streaming service.

Most of us rely on these streaming services for entertainment purposes. Whether you want to watch the latest thrill movie or a popular drama series, Netflix has unlimited options available for you. There are many other streaming services, including:

  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Peacock
  • HBO Max
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

Amazon Prime Video is also a great option for movie lovers, but Netflix still tops the industry. Why does Netflix cancel the shows? What to do if the show gets canceled?

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Why does Netflix Cancel some Shows?

The company has its own rules and regulations regarding canceling or continuing the available shows. There are no official insights available from Netflix about the cancelation of these programs. Usually, this happens when shows don’t get enough viewership. This does not make these shows less in any aspect. These underrated shows get appreciation from fans, but still fail to attract millions.

Higher production costs, critical reception, or unavailability of the actors may also result in the cancelation of the shows. These decisions are purely business moves, and Netflix always tries to offer better and more engaging shows as an alternative.

Great Netflix shows that got canceled

There were some shows that were expected to top the top lists, but soon they got canceled. Generally, the company does not announce the cancelation of shows in advance. Users wait for the second season, and suddenly they get an update about the cancelation of their favorite shows. So, here are similar unfortunate shows that were great but could not get season 2.

The Good Cop – 2018

This was not the greatest show ever released by the company, but it was good enough to keep viewers entertained. The acting could be a little better, but viewers were not expecting such a decision from Netflix. This was a detective show with light humor.

If you were watching this show and now don’t know what to start next, cancel your Netflix subscription for a while. Go to an online casino that accepts local payment methods, and for easier picks, has the top options available. Give casino games a try, and you will love playing online casino games.

For added fun, there are different movies available on Netflix that are based on gambling and casinos. Gambling content not only offers thrill and excitement while playing, but you will enjoy watching these movies too.

Everything Sucks – 2018

2018 was not the best year for some shows, as many great series got canceled that year. This show was about the life of college students, and most of the young audience liked the concept. The IMDB rating was also impressive, and thousands of viewers posted positive comments about this show. Right after the completion of season 1, Netflix announced to cancel the show, and viewers were disappointed by this decision.


This show presents the unique plot of the gay real estate agent’s love life. He starts looking for the perfect data after 17 years. Now, he is in his late 40s, and things in gay dating culture have changed a lot. He faces difficulties and challenges in his venture.

If you have watched Sex and the City, then you will find Uncoupled quite similar to that show. Both shows were developed by Darren Star. The rotten Tomato score and IMDB ratings were quite good. It’s all up to the decisions of the company. What can we say about all of this?

1899- 2022

This was one of the most promising series released last year. If you have watched Dark, 1899 is the perfect pick for you. The storyline was unique and full of mysteries. Right after the first week of the release, 1899 was the second show on the list of top 10 shows. But Netflix had other plans, and this show was canceled after season 1.

Final Verdict

These were just a few shows that got canceled after season 1. Many seasons got canceled after 4–5 seasons. Mindhunter was one of the best series ever produced by Netflix. It had an awesome rating of 8.6 on IMDB. But this was an expensive show for Netflix, and they decided to cancel this show after season 2. If any of your favorite shows get canceled, just log in to your gambling account and start playing. You will never regret choosing casino games over Netflix movies and series.

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