NewsExploring the Varied Career Paths for Film and Video Editors

Exploring the Varied Career Paths for Film and Video Editors

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The world of film is full of many job opportunities. Without the work of editors, writers, and designers, we wouldn’t have the amazing pieces of media we have today. Many of these jobs have various skills, suited for all manner of trained professionals. We can explain the different career paths you can investigate working in film and video editing. Others related to it can also be found on job sites like Jooble. The more variations you find, the more specifications you can make on the site to find what you want. The team of experts can tailor suitable posts towards your specifications. Here, we can provide some good examples to look into. 

Video Content Creator

You may have heard about the success of Youtubers and other online personalities. These are the works of Video Content Creators. They are people create and share online videos for the purpose of entertainment. The type of entertainment they offer can vary to whatever you feel. If there is an audience for it, you can be sure to make something someone will enjoy. Some crate gaming videos where they play through the latest video games. Others make cooking videos so people can learn how to make tasty meals. So long as these videos are well-edited, insightful, and entertaining, your views will earn you a hefty profit. 

If you are being a solo content creator, you will need to be prepared to handle everything yourself. This includes developing your content, analyzing your metrics, organizing your equipment, and uploading your videos. If your business plans to be a higher operation, you can form a team to delegate these tasks. This can mean spreading the pay out as you need to pay your team. However, as you clout increases, your income will too. Sites such as YouTube, Video, or other video sites can help build your platform. 

Content Developer

The difference between a creator and a developer is simpler than you think. While a creator makes the bulk of their own entertaining content, a developer creates material which helps market a brand. It can also be used to entertain customers of that brand itself. They can mainly produce web content or use other social media to help with promotion. An example of this can be making a special interview with the CEO. A primary method is making TV advertisements that people will see. A large majority of the advertisements you watch are all done by content developers. 

Your main duties in this role will performing market research. This will help you plan and create the best content for the intended purpose. You can see what is trending and start basing your content around that. You can find photos and other videos, editing them together, to help improve the brand’s image. This will also include using SEO principles to ensures it reaches the audience you are looking for. A lot of adverts like this can be made online. The more you tailor the content towards what people are searching for, the bigger your audience will be. 

Film Editor

If you wish to work on some longer productions, a film editor is where you can really get stuck in. Their role includes putting together videos and sounds to make a visual narrative for the audience to follow. The FE will be provided the footage that is filmed by the camera crew. They will also be given recording of voices and sounds. All the film editor must to do is put it altogether to create a vision the director wishes for. Film editors will be working through possibly hours of footage, The key aim is to shorten the footage but only include what is truly necessary. 

Once the editor is given all the materials, the work begins. The editor will watch footage and cut out a few seconds or even minutes. Any key information is kept in, while any waffle is cut. Sound design will also be important. Editors will place the right music and sound effects to heighten the film to its full potential. If acquired, they will also add in computer-generated images and special effects as well. Depending on the genre they are going with (comedic or dramatic), they will add in what is appropriate. 

Multimedia Designer

For those with some more artistic skills, the world of video editing still needs those talents. A Multimedia Manager works as a graphic designer, creating various pieces of visual media. Just like with developers, they can help make more expressive works of media to help advertise brands. They can also work with websites, film, television, and more. What separates them from a graphic designer is their ability to work with more than static images. You could say that a multimedia designer is skilled in multiple types of media design. Examples of what can be used are followed: 

  • Animations
  • Voice Recordings
  • Visual FX 
  • Artwork
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

You will first be meeting with stakeholders to see what specifications are needed. You will then work with your team to create an idea on what is going to be made. Because there will be usage of such varied media, it is best to get the opinions from several experts. Some of the resources you will be working with could be creations made yourself. A lot of multimedia designers will use their own works of art as a template for the final design. Further editing will be needed once they get feedback from the stakeholders. 


We talked about how editors and developers will work with footage provided to them. A videographer is the one who secures this footage. They will be in charge of recording what is needed for whatever type of content is being made. A lot of the footage will be gathered using a video camera. Depending on the quality needed, the camera used will be adjusted. If footage requires more close-ups or long shots, specialized camera can provide this. The camera equipment can be provided for by the service they are working for. It can also be your own personal equipment if you feel more comfortable, but this will be more costly. 

Photo by Nino Souza / Pexels

The most common work you will find under this title will be smaller projects. This can things like documentaries or short films. Adverts will also need some small footage here and there to help with promotion. The way you secure this footage will mainly be on-location. Companies and brands will send you off to specific locations to commence filming. You will either do this yourself or work as part of a team. 

Update Your Resume for What YOU Want

These are just the basic examples you can find in this workplace. There are many other titles that relate to the field, such as animators or broadcasters. If you want to get more specific searches from job sites, try to tailor your resume to highlight these skills. The more work you put into your passion for the field, the more likely you will be noticed. You can even find courses to gain qualifications online. Qualifications plus experience can equal the best opportunities on the market.

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