NewsEdge (Adam Copeland) WWE Farewell Match with Sheamus on Friday Night SmackDown

Edge (Adam Copeland) WWE Farewell Match with Sheamus on Friday Night SmackDown

– WWE superstar Edge announces his farewell match
– The final match will take place at Friday Night Smackdown against Sheamus
– Edge delivers an emotional speech reflecting on his career and friendships

WWE superstar Edge, also known as Adam Copeland, recently announced that his farewell match will take place on Friday Night Smackdown, where he will face off against Sheamus. This announcement follows Edge’s return to action in the wrestling ring after a seven-year hiatus due to a career-ending injury in 2011.

In an emotional speech, Edge reflected on his storied career and the friendships he has made along the way. He mentioned that his time in the WWE has been an incredible journey, filled with memorable moments and fierce rivalries. He expressed gratitude for being able to return to the ring and create new memories with fans and fellow wrestlers.

“A little over a year ago, I made the impossible possible. I came back from a triple-fusion in my neck, and I stepped back in this ring, and I was home,” Edge said during his speech. “And I proceeded to show everyone that I did not miss a step… In fact, I showed everyone that I might be better than I’ve ever been.”

On the decision to choose Sheamus as his final opponent, Edge explained that the two have shared many moments together, both inside and outside the ring. He acknowledges his rival’s talent, describing Sheamus as “a freight train of fury” and stating that he knows their match will be one for the ages.

In response to the announcement, Sheamus also shared his sentiments, expressing excitement and vowing to bring his best to the match. He said, “Edge, I know you said some nice things about me there, man, but I’m not coming here to sing ‘Kumbaya’ with you. I’m coming to take you out.”

As the wrestling world prepares for this highly anticipated match, fans and peers alike will be watching to see who will emerge as the victor in Edge’s monumental final bout.

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