NewsDrew Barrymore faces backlash for hosting National Book Awards amid her show's...

Drew Barrymore faces backlash for hosting National Book Awards amid her show’s staff strike

– Drew Barrymore is receiving criticism for her recent National Book Foundation’s National Book Awards hosting gig
– Many are unhappy with her engagement in a strike-adjacent action
– Barrymore has yet to comment on the backlash

Drew Barrymore, an accomplished actress and daytime talk show host, is currently facing backlash following her hosting of the National Book Foundation’s National Book Awards. The reason for the backlash is because Barrymore is involved in an ongoing strike, which many believe is inappropriate.

On November 8, the Writers Guild of America, East, (WGAE) went on strike against several newsrooms, production companies, and networks, demanding a fair and just contract. This led to the formation of a picket line outside Café Carlyle, the venue where the National Book Awards were held.

In light of the ongoing strike, Barrymore agreed to host the event, which many have deemed as crossing a picket line – a historically frowned upon action.

Many have taken to social media platforms like Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with Barrymore’s decision to host the awards show, some going as far as calling her “anti-union” and “strikebreaker.” One user wrote, “Real shame to see Drew Barrymore striking at the NBF National Book Awards. The writers haven’t given these producers permission to produce.”

Another Twitter user chimed in with, “Wondering how Drew Barrymore can reconcile supporting Tim Federle, who fights for fair pay with Mackenzie for his writers, & crossing the WGAE Picket Line… is she just clueless?”

As of now, Drew Barrymore has yet to respond or provide a comment regarding the backlash from her National Book Awards hosting gig.

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