NewsDonald Trump to Skip Republican Presidential Primary Debates on Fox News

Donald Trump to Skip Republican Presidential Primary Debates on Fox News

– Donald Trump hints at skipping FOX News primary debates
– Trump claims biased media coverage and mistreatment from RNC
– Collaboration of GOP and RNC with mainstream media criticized

Donald Trump has indicated that he might choose not to participate in the Republican presidential primary debates, hosted by Fox News, if he decides to run for office again. He expressed frustration with biased mainstream media coverage and mistreatment by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

In his interview with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, the 45th US President stated that he might “sit out” the primary debates because of the unfairness he perceived during his previous run in 2016. He claimed that he had a “series of very bad questions” to deal with and said, “They’re extremely unfriendly questions, nasty questions, and you say, ‘Why do I need this?’”.

Trump also accused the media of protecting Joe Biden during the presidential campaign, suggesting that they disqualified certain candidates from participating in the debate stage. While attacking the collaboration between the GOP, RNC, and certain media outlets, he called for the party to distance itself from these networks.

He stressed the need for a level playing field in the election process, stating that the hostile environment created by the media could deter potential candidates from participating. In his words, “we shouldn’t be allowing people who are extraordinarily biased and who are extraordinarily unfair, hostile, to be asking questions”.

It remains to be seen if Trump will officially announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race and whether he will participate in the primary debates if he does run.

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