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Don Lemon’s much-anticipated talk show on X, which we used to call Twitter, got the axe. And guess who swung the metaphorical hatchet? Elon Musk himself.

Lemon spilled the beans this Wednesday. He said Musk pulled the plug on their deal just hours after a sit-down interview on Friday. Talk about a plot twist.

Despite the cancellation, the interview’s still set to hit X and YouTube this Monday, March 18. It’s kinda like the show’s ghost premiering.

Lemon was all, “I kept it respectful and broad, from space exploration to the presidential race.” He thought they had a solid chat. Musk, apparently, begged to differ.

In the midst of all this, Lemon threw some shade. He suggested Musk’s vision of a “global town square” might not be so welcoming after all. Especially to folks like him.

But don’t fret about The Don Lemon Show. It’s making a leap to YouTube. Lemon’s not one to back down, it seems.

He’s all in on free speech and is buzzing to kick things off. While Musk might be backpedaling, Lemon’s doubling down.

Wanna see Lemon’s full statement? It’s out there for the reading.

Oh, and about those ads that pop up everywhere? Yeah, they’re still around. Just part of the landscape, I guess.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
Mason Messick is a writer and television enthusiast. He has been covering the world of TV for 5 years and has a particular passion for drama series. Mason's engaging writing style has made him a valuable member of the Tonight.TV website team.


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