NewsDancing with the Stars 2023: Start date, Season 32 cast, and hosts...

Dancing with the Stars 2023: Start date, Season 32 cast, and hosts announced – news

  • Dancing With the Stars will return for Season 32 on September 12, 2023
  • Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews are rumored to be back as hosts
  • No official cast announcements have been made yet, but the show remains popular

For fans of Dancing With the Stars, mark your calendars for September 12, 2023, as the popular reality dance competition show will make its grand return for its 32nd season. There have been rumblings on social media about Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews joining the show once again as hosts, but there has been no official confirmation. For now, the anticipation and excitement continue to build as viewers eagerly await forthcoming announcements about the cast and format of the upcoming season.

Since its premiere in 2005, Dancing With the Stars has remained a staple on television and a fan-favorite amongst viewers. Bringing together celebrities and professional dancers, the show has continued to captivate audiences with its glitz, glamour, and highly competitive dance-offs. However, no specific news regarding the casting for Season 32 has been released yet.

Given the show’s immense popularity, it is no surprise that people are already buzzing about potential celebrity contestants and dancers. As we get closer to the start date, anticipation will undoubtedly grow over who will be a part of this thrilling new season. With any luck, official announcements will be made soon enough, and we can look forward to another season of fierce competition, dazzling performances, and unforgettable moments on Dancing With the Stars.

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