Dan Schneider Reacts to Allegations in Nickelodeon Documentary

After ID’s new docuseries, *Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV*, took a deep dive into some of Dan Schneider’s series—think *The Amanda Show, All That, iCarly,* and *Victorious*—the buzz started. The former Nickelodeon creator found himself denying allegations. These weren’t just any allegations. They suggested his shows might have sexualized young stars like Ariana Grande and Jamie Lynn Spears.

“Everything that happened on the shows Dan ran was under a microscope,” said a rep for Schneider. This wasn’t just a casual glance. Dozens of adults, all involved, scrutinized every detail. And the network gave its nod of approval. If there really was an issue with scenes now being called out for ‘sexualizing,’ wouldn’t they be pulled from airing? Yet, they’re broadcasted worldwide, still gathering fans from both kids and parents.

Oh, and about those ads popping up? They’re everywhere, aren’t they? Just part of the landscape now.

Back to the serious stuff. “Remember, all stories, dialogue, costumes, and makeup got the green light from network execs,” the statement continued. This wasn’t a one-man show. A standards and practices group pored over every script. Programming execs gave each episode a thumbs up. And let’s not forget the parents and caregivers, always there, watching filming and rehearsals like hawks. If something was off, it would’ve been flagged. But here’s the kicker: sometimes, adults see what they want to see in kids’ shows, drawing wild conclusions.

A Business Insider exposé last August stirred the pot even more. It revisited a *Zoey 101* scene with Spears that raised eyebrows and a *Victorious* moment where Victoria Justice, then a teenager, had food rubbed on her stomach in online extras. Talk about sparking a conversation.

The docuseries, airing Sunday and Monday at 9 pm ET on ID, isn’t just rehashing old news. It’s bringing new voices into the mix—cast and crew who worked with Schneider back in the day. They’re not holding back, sharing stories of inappropriate workplace behavior, including sexism and racism. And yes, there were those awkward requests for neck massages from Schneider. “Dan deeply regrets asking anyone for neck massages,” his team responded. It was inappropriate, and it’s not something that would happen again.

Nickelodeon, for its part, is walking a fine line. “We can’t confirm or deny allegations from decades ago,” the statement read. But they’re clear about one thing: fostering a safe, professional workplace is top priority. They’ve put safeguards in place, aiming to protect not just their team but all children. It’s a commitment they take seriously.

And about Drake Bell’s testimony? Nickelodeon expressed both dismay and sadness. Learning about his trauma was a blow, and they commend the courage it takes to come forward. It’s a complex issue, no doubt, and one that continues to unfold.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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