NewsConnie Britton addresses Maui fires impacting Hawaii-based series The White Lotus

Connie Britton addresses Maui fires impacting Hawaii-based series The White Lotus

  • Connie Britton responds to criticism about filming HBO‘s “The White Lotus” during Maui wildfires.
  • The actress clarifies that filming did not interfere with firefighting efforts or affect water supply.
  • She emphasizes the production’s commitment to being environmentally responsible and supporting local communities.

Connie Britton, a star of HBO’s “The White Lotus,” has spoken out in response to criticism surrounding the filming of the show during the Maui wildfires. In a statement, Britton shared that the production team was highly sensitive to environmental and community issues and did not in any way interfere with firefighting efforts or dip into the limited water supply.

The wildfires, which threatened homes and livelihoods, coincided with the production of the miniseries, raising concerns among local residents about water consumption and the commitment to battling the wildfires. However, in response to accusations, Britton pointed out that the show took great lengths to ensure that their filming did not exacerbate the ongoing situation.

Britton said, “We were very mindful of the sensitivity of shooting during this time and prioritized working closely with the local community to ensure that our shoot didn’t compromise limited resources.” She went on to explain that the production had its water trucked in from private sources, specifically to ensure that it did not compete for water with firefighting efforts and public consumption.

The actress also highlighted the commitment of “The White Lotus” creators and crew to environmental responsibility. “Our producers from the beginning were incredibly conscientious about creating a sustainable production, and it was something that was important to me as well,” she stated.

In addition to their environmentally sensitive approach to production, the show also made a significant positive impact on the local economy. According to Britton, “The White Lotus” generated millions of dollars in tax revenue and provided over 100 jobs for local residents. Furthermore, the cast and crew supported local businesses throughout the filming period.

With her statement, Britton aimed to address any misconceptions about the filming process and reaffirm the production’s commitment to acting responsibly in their treatment of local communities and the environment.

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