Conan O’Brien Must Go Release Date Announced on Max

Conan O’Brien’s gearing up for a new adventure. This Thursday, April 18, his streaming series kicks off on Max.

He spilled the beans at SXSW. The announcement was about his four-episode journey, “Conan O’Brien Must Go,” as reported by our friends at Variety. He’s visiting pals he’s made through his podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan.” (Catch a glimpse here.)

It’s been a hot minute—over three years, actually. That’s since the news dropped about Conan leaving his late-night throne. He was heading to Max with a variety show up his sleeve. Plus, “Conan Without Borders” was supposed to keep rolling, even after his TBS show wrapped in June 2021.

But, plot twist. In an October 2022 chat with AdWeek, Conan threw us a curveball. No variety show was coming, and Max hadn’t heard a peep about it. Yet, a few months down the line, the Team Coco Instagram started dropping hints. They posted snaps of Conan in Bangkok, looking very much like a “Conan Without Borders” escapade.

So, are you amped for Conan’s streaming debut? It’s shaping up to be quite the ride.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
Mason Messick is a writer and television enthusiast. He has been covering the world of TV for 5 years and has a particular passion for drama series. Mason's engaging writing style has made him a valuable member of the Tonight.TV website team.


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