NewsBob Barker's cause of death revealed as Alzheimer's Disease

Bob Barker’s cause of death revealed as Alzheimer’s Disease

– Bob Barker’s cause of death revealed as Alzheimer’s disease
– The Price is Right host died at the age of 97
– Barker hosted over 6,000 episodes of the popular game show

Bob Barker, the legendary host of “The Price is Right,” passed away at the age of 97 due to Alzheimer’s disease, as revealed in his death certificate. The renowned television personality was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative condition in 2017 and passed away on December 12, 2021, at his home in Los Angeles.

Barker, who became a household name in America, served as the host of the popular game show for over 6,000 episodes from 1972 to 2007. Born Robert William Barker on December 25, 1923, he began his career in broadcasting back in 1950 and quickly climbed the ranks. In 1967, he became the host of “Truth or Consequences,” where he honed his remarkable talent for engaging with contestants and creating an energetic atmosphere.

In addition to hosting game shows, Barker used his influence to advocate for animal rights, raising awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. “My ultimate goal is to see that there is not a single dog or cat, a single bird, born in this country that is not wanted,” he once said.

Barker received numerous accolades during his lifetime, including 19 Daytime Emmy Awards. The Television Academy Hall of Fame inductee left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, inspiring future generations of hosts and television personalities. Even after stepping down from “The Price is Right,” Barker made several guest appearances on various television shows, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the world of daytime television.

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