NewsBob Barker, former host of CBS game show The Price is Right,...

Bob Barker, former host of CBS game show The Price is Right, dies at age 99

– Bob Barker is alive despite internet rumors
– Fake reports circulated on social media and gossip websites
– Barker’s former publicist and Barker’s past show’s rep confirm he is well

Despite recent rumors that long-time host of The Price is Right, Bob Barker, had passed away, sources close to the beloved television personality have confirmed that he is alive and doing well. Buzz surrounding his alleged passing began spreading on various social media platforms and gossip websites, leaving fans concerned for his well-being.

Setting the record straight, Henry Bollinger, who served as Barker’s publicist, stated that he had spoken to the 97-year-old and confirmed that he is not dead. Additionally, Barker’s former show’s representative, Deb Shut, issued a statement dismissing the false rumors and reassuring people that Barker was alive. In the face of these malicious reports, the emphasis is on the fact that once such rumors begin spreading, it becomes crucial to verify their authenticity and rely on trusted sources.

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