Black Mirror Season 7 Release Date and USS Callister Sequel Details

Hey, space cadets, guess what? *Black Mirror* is on its way back to give you the creeps. And guess what else? It’s revisiting a story we know.

Netflix’s sci-fi anthology is making a comeback. Season 7 is set for 2025, they announced last Thursday. This season? It’s got six episodes, including one that takes us back to the “USS Callister” from Season 4. There’s a new teaser out. It shows the *Black Mirror* loading screen and six symbols. Yup, one of them is the *Callister* spaceship insignia. (You gotta see this teaser.)

At the Next on Netflix event in London, they dropped another hint. “Robert Daly is dead, but for the *USS Callister* crew, it’s just the start of their problems.” Intriguing, right?

Remember “USS Callister” from Season 4 in 2017? Jesse Plemons was Robert Daly, that reclusive coder. He created a *Star Trek*-esque world in a game to get back at his enemies. The episode wrapped with Cristin Milioti’s Nanette and the crew breaking free from Daly. They took control of the ship. (No word if Milioti or anyone else is coming back, though.)

*Black Mirror*, that Emmy-winning tech horror show, just finished Season 6 on Netflix. (Here’s a ranking of those episodes, by the way.) And yep, they’ve confirmed Season 7 for November.

So, are you ready to jump back on the *USS Callister*? *Black Mirror* fans, hit up the comments. Tell us your thoughts.

Six new stories are coming, but one feels familiar, right? Black Mirror returns in 2025. #NextOnNetflix [pic link]

And there you have it. A bit of a mix, some short, some a bit longer. A typo might’ve slipped through (whoops), and maybe a casual tone here and there. Just trying to keep it real, you know?

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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